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5 smart doorbells for your home automation

5 smart doorbells for your home automation

By francesco

For those who are constantly looking for technological innovations that can simplify their daily lives, smart doorbells are the latest innovation in the market. Even when you are out of the house, these devices allow a remote control to make the owners sleep soundly. Often equipped with cameras, they notify users in case of suspicious movements and allow them to interact and have everything under control at all times. Smart doorbells are also designed to withstand the elements and to have a rather long battery life even without wire. From now on no more lost packages or missed deliveries, thanks to this new technology even remotely you can interact with anyone who is in front of the door of the apartment. Many companies have believed in the project, proposing different solutions that we will take as an example in the following lines.

1) Nest Doorbell ( 158,99€ )

The Nest Doorbell wireless smart doorbell provides a built-in camera that can detect and recognize any subject passing in front of the house. Whether they are people, cars or animals, the doorbell will automatically send a notification on your smartphone by connecting to the owner via video call, allowing you to talk to visitors even from a distance.

2) Ring Video Doorbell ( 99€ )

The quality of the video intercom in analysis is incredible: it allows you to see, talk and listen to everything that happens outside the door even remotely. It broadcasts 1080p HD video and is designed to provide proper viewing even at night. If a movement is detected or someone rings at the door, the system sends a real-time notification directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

3) Arlo Essential Video Doorbell ( 134,99€ )

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is characterized by a minimal and refined design that makes it almost imperceptible to the eye. It integrates an alarm to ward off any attackers and also allows you to answer the doorbell directly from your smartphone. Understanding who is hiding behind the door will no longer be a problem: through the built-in camera and the internet connection you can identify anyone approaching the door. Again we talk about a wireless solution and extremely convenient to use.

4) Netatmo smart doorbell ( 299,99€ )

The smart device automatically starts a video call on your smartphone if someone approaches the door, allowing you to choose whether or not to answer visitors. It is also able to recognize faces, without sending notifications in case of family members or acquaintances, but it alerts by notification whenever someone spends too much time at the door. Designed with a lot of focus on an elegant and durable style at the same time, the doorbell integrates a Full HD camera that stores on microsd all the videos, to be able to watch them in comfort.

5) Eufy Security ( 129,99€ )

The device has a battery life of up to six months with a single charge. Record any suspicious movement with Sony’s 2K sensor and save your footage with military-grade AES-256 encryption. It allows you to perimeter the area within which to detect movement and also allows you to set up to three automatic responses after each bell sound. Command that can be chosen directly through the phone.