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5 ways to expand space by using mirrors

5 ways to expand space by using mirrors

By daniele

Mirrors, thanks to their ability to deceive the mind by creating the optical illusion of a greater space, are used a lot as pieces of furniture. In addition to giving the feeling of greater breadth of the room, they are now designed to integrate perfectly with any style of furniture, often becoming prominent decorative elements. We can now find it in all environments, from the bathroom to the bedroom, since they have now become trusted companions of many stories or photos that we publish on social media. But it is also wrong to evaluate them taking into consideration the only purpose to mirror themselves because often, if used in a creative way, mirrors not only visually magnify the sense of space but can create very intriguing optical illusions.

In the kitchen to double square footage

In new modern projects, the kitchen is often sacrificed in size in favor of more habitable spaces such as the living room or the sleeping area. Having a narrow kitchen where you often feel suffocated while cooking, the best solution is to place a mirror along the wall. Placing it in this way at first glance the environment will be wider with the mirror that could also serve as a comfortable backsplash.

It is not necessary to hang it

Who said that the mirror should be placed exclusively on the wall? In fact, it is the same market to answer the question by proposing more and more freestanding mirrors designed to be placed on the ground and to make the size of the room seem wider. In this way you will also have the freedom to move the object to your liking and in different environments always making sure to create a bright atmosphere and super interesting reflections.

On the cabinets’ doors 

If the walls of the bedroom are already occupied, the mirrors on the doors of the cabinets are the best solution. They provide the space with a new breath making it wider and are very comfortable to try the right outfit before going out. Particularly in the minimal and compact rooms are also an element that acts as a contrast and that radiates sunlight into the room.

Enlarge an office too small

Whether it is an office or simply a relaxation area, the location of the mirrors in the niches or in the interior walls is the solution for your case. The mirrors give the mini space a lot of depth and give a feeling of openness to the room to keep at bay any sense of claustrophobia.

Mirror tailor-mado at the entrance

Instead of painting a wall positioned at the entrance, one strategy to add depth and brightness is to install a custom-made wall mirror. The entrances of the houses are usually dark and narrow but thanks to a mirror that goes from floor to ceiling the lighting effect will improve and you can always trust in an ally that allows you to settle just before crossing the threshold.