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How to build a children’s table

How to build a children’s table

By daniele

When you think about the decor of a child’s room, the table is one of the essential elements to be inserted. An extremely important piece of furniture that, in addition to beautifying the space, will allow their children to give vent to their creativity. A multifunctional base, companion of afternoons spent drawing, coloring and playing in complete autonomy. When addressing children, there are two watchwords: comfort, so that they assume the right posture, and safety, so that they can best express their creative ideas without risk. In the first case it is important to take into account the size. The first table useful for drawing will become in effect the first desk on which to carry out school assignments. The advice is therefore to make a table at least 50 cm high to always maintain the right position and wide enough to allow your children to perform more activities at the same time. We also talked about safety, a factor that when it comes to children is always important to evaluate. For this reason, especially for very young children, it is advisable to equip the table with rounded edges that contain bumps.

Making your own DIY table

If your passion for DIY is a hallmark of your personality, making a DIY children’s table will be a breeze. It will be enough to equip yourself with a whole series of materials and tools such as:

  • 3 plywood panels of at least 15 mm (measures 120×60 cm);
  • 4 sets of wooden screws (4×50 mm);
  • a circular saw for cutting;
  • a screwdriver;
  • one meter and one team;
  • an electric hacksaw;
  • enamel for wood;
  • paint brushes or rollers;

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get to work. First, from a panel, you will have to make two strips of 25 x 120 cm that will have to be cut into eight pieces of 20.8 x 25 cm (base for the seat). From an additional panel you will have to obtain a strip of 45 x 120 cm from which then cut two pieces of 45 x 25 x 30 cm and a piece of 40 x 30 x 25 cm (table base). The last panel will be useful to trace and cut with the hacksaw two discs of 56 and 50 cm in diameter, then divided into 4 identical parts. Drill screwdriver in hand, it is time to punch the tops of the table and stools in the central part and on the limits of the created circle. With the remaining wood it is possible instead to assemble the legs of the stools two by two at a right angle, putting them on their longer side. The same goes for the base of the table for which the two panels should be joined at right angles along the line, holding it vertically on the edges. It’s time to attach your legs to the floor making sure you screw in enough to puncture both panels. The DIY table is finally ready to use. Children will definitely be satisfied.