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How to create a small DIY greenhouse

How to create a small DIY greenhouse

By daniele

During the rainiest and coldest months, the best way to preserve your garden is to make a DIY greenhouse. A small and very useful surrounding that can be made with a few simple materials but which is optimal for the cultivation of flowers and plants. There is no absolute need even to make a lot of effort in the realization of the project that can be completed without either an excessive outlay of money or too much effort. But let’s see in more detail how to create what in jargon is called a cold tunnel, a greenhouse with steel arches covered by transparent plastic. 

Calculate size and position

If you prefer a home-made work to the classic prefabricated greenhouses, in order to start it is important to pay attention to some precautions. First of all, it is very important to calculate the area and the size of the greenhouse, which varies according to the crops and soil available. Secondly you need to choose the best area in which to place the building. So why not opt for an area close to an electrical outlet and a source of water, useful for any eventuality. And how to forget the sunlight: it is preferable to orient the greenhouse to the south so that it is irradiated by the sun’s rays and can retain the heat for longer.

Choice of materials

Once you have defined the location and dimensions of the greenhouse, it is time to move on to the choice of materials useful for the project. First of all, they should be added to the list of resistant plastic hoses (1 cm in diameter), which can be replaced by anti-rust steel headbands. In the case of the bows, which will serve to give the shape of a semicircle, it is advisable to opt for products of a length of 1.5 m up to 2.5 depending on the desired height. Let’s now pass to the plastic cloth that for the occasion it is advisable to buy ethylene vinyl acetate. It is always convenient to buy a few more meters of cloth for any repairs or replacements and, if necessary, combine it with anti-bird and anti-insect nets.

Build up the greenhouse

Once we get all the material, it’s time to get your hands dirty. We start from the structure, going to fix the bows or tubes purchased to the ground at regular intervals. The recommended distance is usually around one and a half meters while for the depth 15 cm is enough to obtain a stable result. Obviously everything depends on the climatic characteristics of the area and the soil. Once the skeleton is made, it is the turn of the transparent plastic cover that must be fixed to the supports by means of special hooks. If you want to prevent any kind of problem, it is better to fix along the pipes and at the ends with the help of cable ties or wire. The excess cloth can also be fixed to the ground, possibly using some pegs. Voilà! The DIY greenhouse is now completely ready to welcome the most varied cultures and why not some particular flower.