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How to furnish a modern terrace

How to furnish a modern terrace

By daniele

If until now we had focused almost exclusively on the garden, it is actually right to talk about outdoor environments such as terraces and balconies that are still perfect places to spend time in this season. Regardless of the size, the terrace is the best comfort area to take a short break from the daily routine. Also considering the fact that finally time allows you to spend time outside. In our specific case, the focus is on modernity, on those avant-garde solutions that are designed to exploit every space to the minimum, focusing on a style that is comfortable and at the same time good-looking. So if you love the elegant simplicity of modern design and are looking for a whole series of tips on how to organize the space on the terrace, this article is the solution to your problem. But let’s not get lost in chatter and rather let us move on to action trying to address the subject as comprehensively as possible.

The cover

One of the first aspects to consider in the design of a modern solution for your terrace is to evaluate the type of roof to be installed. You could think of inserting a semi-closed structure with wooden boards or other weather resistant materials or maybe opt for solutions such as tents or sunshades in order to take advantage of the space even in the hottest hours of the day. We always consider the aspect that a cover will not only help to repair from the sun but maybe also from the wind and humidity of spring and summer evenings. 

The furniture

No matter how large the terrace is available, it is important to perfectly organize every little space and every little detail to make the outdoor environment livable to the maximum. If you want to take advantage of the space for dinners and aperitifs it will be convenient to decide where to place a table with attached chairs or maybe opt for a living room or sofas for moments of relaxation, to surround with objects and plants that make the experience even more enjoyable. And why not, maybe even include an outdoor hot tub to maximize the footprint.

The details 

Furnishing a modern terrace does not only mean thinking about the furniture but also taking care of all those decorative elements and finishes that make the result really perfect. The advice is not to weigh the space too heavily but focus on clean and elegant lines, maybe with a few elements of refined furniture able to become protagonists of the environment without dominating each other.

Outdoor lighting

Again, depending on the atmosphere you want to create, lighting plays a fundamental role. To create a romantic atmosphere you could think of proposing a series of lamps or candles that provide a soft light while if you want to stay on the modern line then it is inevitable to opt for floor lamps or outdoor wall lamps capable of creating games of light evocative, maybe if combined with particular plants and planters.