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Replacing your Locks? Top Brands to Consider

Replacing your Locks? Top Brands to Consider

By daniele

Are you looking to replace the locks in your home? Maybe you want extra protection for your office? As crimes become more frequent, there’s a rising need for home and office owners to beef up their security measures by installing new locks. However, don’t try to pinch pennies when it comes to exploring lock brands unless you want to compromise the safety of your property and loved ones. 

If you’re looking to get new locks, refer to our well-curated list of the top lock brands in the market. They’ll give you the peace of mind that only  secure lock brands can provide.


Kwikset is one of the most common lock manufacturers in the world. One of the oldest lock brands, it has managed to stay relevant by being consistent in producing some of the best locks in the market. You might have come across its security products at home improvement stores.

If you’re looking to get new locks without breaking the bank, you’ll be happy to know Kwikset provides some of the most affordable and budget-friendly options. However, you can rest easy knowing that the company never compromises on lock build or quality. In fact, they’re known for using high-quality materials and robust lock-bumping technologies in modern lock types.

Being one of the top lock brands, Kwikset produces many kinds of locks, including digital locks, security deadbolts, keyless entry combination locks, and electronic locks. Look into the SmartKey security products featuring re-key technology. In addition to being the budget-friendly choice, SmartKey security locks also allow you to re-key locks yourself and save even more money!


Schlage has slightly steeper prices compared to Yale or Kwikset. However, it’s one of the top lock brands and prides itself on producing highly secure and sturdy locks. The global giant uses solid brass for most of its security products since the alloy is resistant to corrosion.

Moreover, the superior material affords extra security, durability, and strength. Schlage is famous for using an innovative approach in its designs, making its locks challenging to pick and bump. 

If that’s not secure enough, you could always go for high-end models for new locks, such as those installed with fingerprint-resistant touchscreens. Lightweight, commercial-grade deadbolts, like Schlage’s Sense Smart Deadbolt, are popular options if you’re looking for maximum protection and ease of use. The Sense Smart Deadbolt is an electronic lock that comes equipped with a touchscreen. You can even access it from your smartphone or tablet!


Yale is a popular lock manufacturing brand. It has been credited with being the modern-day pin tumbler lock creator. So, in a way, all other brands manufacturing similar locks owe it to Yale for coming up with the design. 

The brand has a global outreach and is famous in the U.S., U.K., and many notable countries. Yale is the right brand for you if you want well-designed locks coupled with innovative technology. While Yale brings high-security and cutting-edge technology to the table, it also ensures the best pricing for its products. 

If you’re looking for new locks with smart features, consider Yale’s smart locks, which connect to a smart device and can be operated using an app! You can also go for the whole system and equip your home with the Smart Alarm and Digital Door Viewer as well. Everything is conveniently operable from your cellphone, and you can even get alerts if your home or office are breached!

Honorary Mentions 

While Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset are the top lock brands, we can’t say end this article without mentioning a few other worthy manufacturers. 


Medeco is a highly trusted brand when it comes to designing high-security locks. The company also keeps updating its design patent to continue improving their new offerings.


Baldwin produces sturdy locks with a heavy build. They’re difficult to pick and give houses extra security.

RP Brink

If you’re looking for new locks that are near impossible to pick, consider RP Brink as your next go-to brand. It’s one of the few trusted companies manufacturing locks for U.S prisons. That’s right! If the government trusts them with their prisons, you can also trust them for your home’s security!

These are some of the top locks brands in the market today. We hope you learned enough to know who to work with when you’re buying new locks for your home. Before deciding, remember to think long and hard about your home and office needs!