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Suspended and Wall Mounted Hallway Furniture

Suspended and Wall Mounted Hallway Furniture

By daniele

As space has become more of a premium, our home’s hallway (or, to be traditional, the Entrance Hall) has grown smaller over the years. Prorata the size of the typical hallway has decreased because there are so-called flats in London that you could easily cram into.

If your home is anything like mine, you probably have a tonne of coats, shoes, wellington boots, school bags, and other items lying around, most of which are items that are waiting to go upstairs on my next trip of the day. What do you do with your damp shoes when you come inside from the outside world, which happens quite frequently if you live in the UK? First, they must be dried off. However, they must also be neatly tucked away to prevent becoming a trip hazard, so consideration must be given to shoe storage. Where will you put your shoes on is another thing to consider. Would a shoe bench help you or is there room for one so you can sit and put your shoes on?

There are many options available; if your hallway is narrow, try to avoid anything too deep. Instead, consider a wall-hung, angled variety to give the illusion of more space. The more conventional tiered system will maximise space if you have a traditional coat closet like I do or a space under the stairs that you intend to use. Check out the Hallowood shoe storage collection and make sure to get the slatted variety so that the soles of your shoes can naturally dry off and prevent them from becoming musty.

Hats and Coats – In the past, a freestanding coat stand would have been preferred, but as space has become more limited, wall hanging has gained popularity. Try using a coat hanger with a shelf to store additional small items. 

Mirrors: It can be helpful to check your appearance before leaving the house (as a new mother, I was halfway through the supermarket before I realised I was wearing two completely different pairs of earrings, one of which was dangly, lol). To maximise the available space, pair the mirror with a console table and add a bowl for keys and a vase of flowers for a pop of colour. Tip: Console tables frequently have drawers, but if your family needs more storage, consider using a basket storage unit. This will give you plenty of room to store all the kids’ backpacks.