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The best cylinders for armored doors

The best cylinders for armored doors

By daniele

If in the last article we focused more on the fundamental role that an armored door has in keeping your home safe, another fundamental element to possess is an appropriate cylinder to match. The cylinder is nothing more than the fundamental element connected to the lock, which allows the opening and closing of the mechanism; to better understand, the hole in which we usually insert the key. Besides the door in itself,It is therefore useful to analyze also which cylinder is able to meet its requirements since on the market there are economic versions up to arrive at more sophisticated mechanisms, precisely to adapt it to the different purposes of use and wallets of interested customers.

European cylinder Cisa 5116 in brass

Let’s start by describing one of the cheapest solutions that you can find on the market, despite its durability and long-term efficiency being proven. Obviously the reduced price does not make the Cisa cylinder an optimal solution for doors that offer a view directly on the outside because it is free of anti-slip systems and can easily be tampered using different tools such as drills or other. It is offered in a wide range of sizes: in addition to the standard 30/40 mm, there are also sizes from 27/27 mm up to 40/40 mm, to meet the needs of all consumers.

European antibumping cylinder Mottura Champions Pro CP4P3131

We begin to go up a bit of price since it also raises the bar of the level of security this time offered by Mottura, leader in the field of locks. The cylinder is in fact equipped with an anti-bumping system that does not allow tampering with the door by inserting a foreign body but instead automatically locks the lock if it does not recognize the key. The kit lacks the knob, to be purchased separately, but is provided with as many as 5 MM profile keys, that are designed to be recognizable by protecting against illegal duplicates. An optimal solution even for the most advanced armored doors, even if the knob is missing, an aspect on which you can fly if you think about the quality and the rest of the equipment.

European cylinder Cisa brass 5 keys

If we had previously analyzed a very cheap and unsafe Cisa solution, now it’s time to move on to something more professional. The Italian brand, now internationally renowned, offers a cylinder that has obtained the highest score both in wear tests and in those of burglary, thanks to the hardened steel encryption system that allows it to resist the attempts of alteration and external penetration with a drill. Certainly we can not define it suitable for an external door or a room with valuable goods, but it is still an excellent alternative that stands as a middle way between those already seen earlier. Ah almost forgot, it is not a clutch cylinder so it does not allow you to open the door from the outside if a key is inserted on the other side. Attention to these details before making the purchase!

European mechanical cylinder Yale P-YS3-3535B

In this special list could not miss the top of the range offered, as usual expect, by Yale. This model is designed to withstand all types of tampering and all the tools of the case, thanks to the internal material made of tempered steel. One of the two sides has the knob, which in addition to making the lock more secure, allows you to close the door quickly and easily without the use of keys. The cost is obviously a little higher than average and we can also say that the assembly process is not easy, especially if you have never had to deal with this type of cylinder.