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Which security door choose for the safety of your home

Which security door choose for the safety of your home

By daniele

For those who own an apartment, in particular, the safety of the house is never enough. In fact, more and more people around the world feel the need to be safer at least when they are inside their own home because as it should be, security is one of the fundamental needs of man. The need for greater protection and peace of mind has given rise to a growing demand for the security door market, seen now as one of the best solutions to avoid theft and unwanted surprises.

How to choose a security door

In the choice of the best armored door for your needs there are far 5 factors to evaluate before proceed to purchase:

  1. Burglar-proof class: a security level that varies from 1 to 6 and that is determined based on the conduct and passing of tests that simulate the real attempts of attack that a thief can carry out on a security door. The class must be guaranteed by both the manufacturer and the installation company. For those who live in a condominium or in a detached house, the recommended value is from class 3 to maximum 4 since the costs of higher type doors are more suitable for banks or jewelers.
  2. Thermal and acoustic insulation: the armored door chosen must be able to offer maximum comfort by attenuating noise from the neighborhood, draughts and dust coming from outside. If directly exposed to the external environment, the security door must also be resistant to all weather conditions to ensure a superior durability and an always optimal condition.
  3. Aesthetics of the panel: in addition to having to be safe and comfortable, your own security door is in effect an object of interior decoration of the house. The external panel must obviously be as similar as possible to those already present in the building, if you live in a building, while the interior can be customized as desired according to the tastes and style preferred by the owner of the house.
  4. Keyhole for the door: the more anchoring points are present around the perimeter of the door the higher the level of safety of the same but to them must also be associated with a cylinder of excellent quality to avoid breakages. The cylinder must include an anti-drill protection and a defender, a steel stud, to protect from burglary attacks, preferably if it is also anti-drill/ anti-pipe and shaped to not provide leverage points. For an even higher level of security you can also add an anti card lock to the keyhole to protect the door even if it is not locked with the key. 

Final price: as the growth of accessories that help to make personal privacy and loved ones safer, it is obvious to see the final price of the security door also increase. Trying to save as much as possible by looking for the deal online is not always the best choice, especially when it comes to privacy protection and protection. The security door must be seen as a long-term investment, able to last over the years and always guarantee a good level of reliability and efficiency over the years. For Class 3 or 4 armored doors, mentioned above, the price varies from 1500€ up to 5000€ for the top class 4, including installation and final installation.