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Woodworking tools you can’t not have

Woodworking tools you can’t not have

By daniele

The processing and use of wood has always been one of the favorite pastimes for many DIY enthusiasts. Whether it is carving, design or simple gardening, in order to get to do perfect work it is important to have a whole series of basic tools available in the garage, whether they are used for professional purposes or simply for personal passion. Let’s see then the 5 “inevitables” going also to analyze their functionality and why they are considered by many essential tools for an optimal result. 

1) Lathe

A multifunctional tool that, thanks to several attachments, allows to work the wood in a precise and effortless way whatever the purpose for which it is used ( chamfering, planing, carving, etc.). An essential tool that on the market is present in all sauces, from professional versions to reduced ones for lovers of DIY and especially for those with a small budget. But be careful to focus everything on saving, the lathe must still be solid and of good workmanship in order to be really useful in processing.

2) Circular saw 

The table saw is a very useful tool to cut any type of wood quickly and accurately. For its convenience it is considered one of the inevitable tools for carpenters and also in this case the market price varies depending on the quality: higher expenditure means less work time and at the same time greater chances of increasing earnings.

3) Hacksaw

If we consider the fact that the cost in this case of a hacksaw is far lower than the previous ones and also that its usefulness as an article capable of cutting different materials is unmatched, it is easy to understand how useful a hacksaw is. In addition to this we can add that it is an extremely simple to use tool and also very reliable, allowing you to change the blade according to the material you intend to saw.

4) fretwork bow

Recognizable by its particular shape, the openwork arch is useful for making curved cuts and complex shapes. We can not say that it is easy to use being a high precision tool but with a little experience you can make clean cuts even inside the wood thanks to the help of a drill for drilling.

5) Hand Saw for wood

The right opponent to fight the live wood is the saw, a tool with sharp teeth that with minimal effort thanks to its sharp teeth will allow you to cut trunks and large branches. Excellent solution also to reduce the volume of wood that will be used for the stove and fireplace, as well as a fundamental tool for much of the work of joinery, DIY and gardening.